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Store Remodel

Lee Kellogg

Many of you have asked why we have changed our web site and seemingly taken steps backwards with regards to technology. 

One word: economics

Rubber stamp sales have declined over the last several years while developer and web site expenses grew. It became time for us to be realistic about the whole thing.

We love all of you, our customers and our stamp line,. 

We want to stay here, so we remodeled our on-line store! 

This was the most economical method to keep our information out there and the easiest way for you all to access it.

There are two of us running the business the web site (me) and making the stamps (my husband and myself) filling and shipping orders (me)! New stamp creation is also my job. That is pretty amazing I think. Not to mention we have other full-time jobs. 

You will see new release flyers on the web site from time to time. We’ll send emails occasionally when we have new stamps to show off. 

Enjoy! Let me know if you have questions about how to order, stamps, etc. 

Remember: we cook rubber to order and do not stock inventory. Your order may take two - three weeks for us to make and ship.

Thank you!